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We love trees and the beauty they provide for our environment. But sometimes tree removal is necessary to protect our structures, protect from storm damage, remove diseases, or make way for new construction. If possible, we strive to save trees through proper pruning and maintenance. But if it needs to be removed, we do the job right. Here at Oklahoma City Metro’s Tree Solutions, we take pride in doing the job right the first time while protecting your property and leaving a clean landscape.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Sometimes the reason for removing a tree is obvious, but other times you need the advice of a professional Arborist. Tree Solutions will provide free consultation to help you know the right way to care for, or if needed, remove your trees. Some questions to ask when considering removing trees.

  • How old is the tree
  • Are there drooping or low hanging branches
  • Is there an excessive amount of dead wood in the tree
  • Is there discoloration on the branches or leaves
  • Has storm damage caused excessive breakage

Some other reasons for removing trees and areas where Tree Solutions can help are:

  • Storms causing excessive damage to trees
  • Heavy branches overhanging structures
  • Removing old and dying trees
  • Landscaping for new tree plantings
  • Tree removal for new construction or additions
  • Removing a liability to the safety of people or property

Professional Advice for Informed Decisions

Ultimately, the decision to remove trees is yours, but getting professional advice from an experienced provider such as Tree Solutions can help you make the correct decision. For a free consultation about tree removal, or about the health of your trees, please do not hesitate to get in touch us. Or call (405) 659-9336 to schedule a convenient time for our professional staff to assess your trees.