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Expert and Caring Tree Trimming by OKC Metro’s Tree Solutions

Your trees provide beauty and value to your property. The proper care while tree trimming is imperative to maintaining or improving the aesthetics of your environment. The professionals at Tree Solutions take a balanced approach to tree care. The health of your trees is our top priority while tree pruning. Simply “shaping” a tree for immediate visual effect is not always the best option. Proper trimming will result in a healthy and vibrant tree for years to come.

Benefits of Tree Pruning Done Right

While evaluating a tree for pruning, there are right and wrong ways to approach the job. Improper pruning could invite unwanted diseases and actually impair the growth and health of your trees. The experts at Tree Solutions always consider the health of your trees first and foremost. Some things to consider when tree trimming are:

  • Time of Year – It’s always best to schedule your tree trimming during the dormant season.
    • Note that dormant and growth seasons vary by tree variety. Consult an expert to know the best time to trim your trees.
  • When pruning, age matters. Trimming younger branches will likely leave fewer scars and the tree will heal quicker.
  • Don’t cut too far from or close to the tree
    • You always want to leave a minimal “stub”, yet cut far enough away from the tree to prevent injury.

Things to Consider When “Shaping” a Tree

  • When raising the crown of a tree, it’s important to maintain the proper ratio of crown size to total tree height.
  • When thinning the crown, start with branches that cross or touch each other
  • Select lateral branches that maintain proper spacing in order to allow for even growth

Creating beautiful environments and landscapes takes careful thought and planning. For a free consultation about tree trimming, or about the general health of your trees, please do not hesitate to get in touch us. Or call (405) 659-9336 to schedule a time at your convenience for our professional staff to assess your trees.